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Landscaping Web Site Design

Visual Design for Landscaping Business (Photoshop)
Visual Design for Landscaping Business (Photoshop)

Residential Community Web Design

Insurance Company Web Design

Jupiter Pay – Mobile/Web Design Concept

When I have bad user experiences, I sometimes use them as examples of how to create a better user experience.   Continue reading “Jupiter Pay – Mobile/Web Design Concept”

Verizon One Message Training Portal

The last few months of my contract, I was assigned to train groups of our team on the One Message platform.  As part of the process, I began working on a training portal that would be developed into a resource for the whole department. Continue reading “Verizon One Message Training Portal”

Case Study – On Top Comm

I was brought into On Top Communications to help build a better online presence.  This was a combination of UX and visual design.

Continue reading “Case Study – On Top Comm”

Southern Company Design Challenge

Challenge: Re-design the Southern Company home page

Continue reading “Southern Company Design Challenge”

Fulton County Government Site

This project has been cancelled as the county has decided to outsource the project.

The Fulton County Government website has not been updated since 2011.  It is more of a nuisance than an asset to both Fulton County employees and residence. I began working on the redesign before the county made the decision to outsource.

Continue reading “Fulton County Government Site”

Fulton County Justice Reinvestment Initiative Website

One of the projects I was brought in to work on at Fulton County was the Justice Reinvestment Initiative Website.  The site would be public facing, as well as be used as an internal source of material. Continue reading “Fulton County Justice Reinvestment Initiative Website”

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