One of the projects I was brought in to work on at Fulton County was the Justice Reinvestment Initiative Website.  The site would be public facing, as well as be used as an internal source of material.

I met with the Chief Strategy Officer and 2 other members who were a part of the initiative.  I was given an overview of the project, along with spreadsheets, reports and power presentations that would be used for content.


To create a website that provides the general public and internal officers a “progress report” of the initiative in its various stages.


I started with a greyscale mock up of the layout.  Then I moved forward with the visual design, deciding on the color palette, iconography and typography.  Both of these were done in Adobe Photoshop. View Photoshop files.

The next step was to build a clickable prototype to present to the stakeholders.  I built an HTML prototype of the mock up.  Click here to view prototype.


I met with the stakeholders 2 weeks after the initial meeting to review the prototype.  The feedback was positive.

  • Loved the flow of the site
  • Navigation was easy to understand
  • Excellent choice of icons
  • Like the color scheme, it was subtle, didn’t detract from content

I took in the suggestions and I’m currently working on the refinements as requested.

View Final Project