This project has been cancelled as the county has decided to outsource the project.

The Fulton County Government website has not been updated since 2011.  It is more of a nuisance than an asset to both Fulton County employees and residence. I began working on the redesign before the county made the decision to outsource.


  • Issues
    • Current site is not user friendly
    • Current site is unorganized
    • Current site is difficult to navigate
    • Current layout is outdated
    • Current layout is using an outdated Joomla platform
  • Objectives
    • Would like to lower call center call volume by making the website the primary resource of county information
    • Site should be ADA compliant
    • Modern layout that is responsive
    • Organize content
    • Move content into a WordPress template


  • Working closely with the call center team, I was able to put together a list of commonly asked questions, build personas, and create scenarios for the everyday user of the Fulton County website

Information Architecture

An enterprise site of this size has a wealth of information.

  • The first step was to deconstruct the current site into smaller chunks of information
  • The next step was to re-organize all of the current links into one of the primary chunks


  • I started with sketches on paper and then developed them into a greyscale, Photoshop mock up, focusing solely on the layout
  • Next I developed a color scheme and voice for the site
    • Focusing on UI – typography and iconography
  • The next phase was putting the two together into a visual design mockup
    • Design 3 layouts
      • Home Page
      • Interior Page
      • Microsite (for departments & agencies)
Initial mockup created in Photoshop CC
Start of visual design created in Photoshop CC